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Program de lucru:Luni - Vineri: 10:00 - 13:00; 14:00 - 18:00
Telefon:0241 520155; 0730 743470
Fax:0241 520 155
Adresa:27 Rascoalei 1907 Street, 900727,Constanta, Romania
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Our Focus

A&A GREEN LINE RECRUITMENT has developed a new Division of STEEL CONSTRUCTION AND SHIPYARD subcontracting services in response to market dynamics and cyclical instabilities in the Northern European shipbuilding and repair industry.

Our core business is to recruit, train, retain and deploy highly skilled shipyard personnel in order to fulfill our present and future partners’ need to raise productivity through improved quality, efficiency and cost-reduction across their workforce.

A&A GREEN LINE RECRUITMENT's focus is to establish, maintain and co-ordinate stable pools of shipyard personnel using all available resources from the Romanian shipyard and steel construction market. We guarantee that all our services are carried out in accordance with strict guidelines and adhere to the highest quality and ethical standards.

Our commitment to assist our clients in their production capacity for steel construction personnel can help them from the strains of complicated personal matters. We provide experienced and qualified shipyard personnel who have been scrutinized through our strict interview and background check process. We employee competence testing at our on-site facility.

A&A GREEN LINE RECRUITMENT has developed its own TESTING WORKSHOP inside Constanta Harbour which is fully equipped with all the required types of welding, cutting, and grinding machinery. To ensure that A&A GREEN LINE RECRUITMENT outplaces the highest qualified professionals, we regularly run Working Test for our recruited personnel.

The shipyard personnel our company is recruiting and sourcing include:

  • Welders
  • Platers
  • Pipe Fitters

Our recruitment sources are focused and connected with the main shipyard sites in Romania such as:

  • Constanta Shipyard
  • Mangalia Daewoo Shipyard
  • Galati Shipyard
  • Braila Shipyard
  • Tulcea Shipyard

The A&A GREEN LINE RECRUITMENT guiding principle is to establish all our projects in strict accordance to EU Laws and Regulations. Our legal department commitment is to have all aspects fulfilled before any deployment of our personnel.

We guarantee:

  • Application for and submission of the certification and other supporting documentation.
  • Workforce is and will be employed in accordance to EER Regulations, with working contracts duly signed and working records recognized by EU Authorities without any restrictions.
  • Pre-employment medical checks performed before deployment and continuous on an annual basis.
  • All of employees are covered by the Romanian social security regulations. In addition, each of them has a signed insurance policy against health, death, permanent disability, and a retirement package.
  • As we treat each customer and project exclusively based on individual needs and requests, we provide a customized offer following our first meeting.